Student Mastercard

Start building a credit rating - before you enter the workforce!  This card is the perfect "starter" card for post-secondary students over the age of majority.  With no annual fee, you'll see the convenience and security this card offers, as you build your financial future.


  • No annual fee.

  • Protects items you purchase with your card and extends their warranty.

  • Offers protection and peace of mind while traveling.

  • Build credit while using.

  Student Mastercard®
Annual fee No fee
Additional Card No fee
Grace Period 19 days
Interest Rate 19.49%
Credit Limit $500 - $2,000
  • MasterPurchase®
  • MasterTrip®
  • Optional Balance Protection Insurance
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Core Features

  • World-wide global acceptance serving consumers in 210 countries and territories
  • World's largest ATM network
  • 24-hour lost/stolen card assistance
  • Emergency cards and emergency cash
  • Master RoadAssist® 24-hour roadside assistance at pre-set rate


  • 90-day purchase protection
  • Protection against theft and damage for items purchased with your Mastercard card
  • Items will be replaced or repaired, or you will be reimbursed the purchase price
  • Items given as gifts are also covered
  • Some limitations apply - see the certificate of insurance when you receive your card

Extended Warranty

  • The manufacturer's warranty is automatically extended for up to two additional years for items purchased with your Mastercard card
  • Items must have a valid warranty in Canada
  • Some limitations apply - see the certificate of insurance when you receive your card


Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance

  • You're covered for up to $100,000 in the event of an accident when a portion or all of your ticket is purchased with your Mastercard Card

Baggage Delay

  • Up to $300 for expenses for emergency purchase of essential items when baggage is delayed or misdirected for more than 24 horus.

Optional Balance Protection Insurance

  • Protection if your earnings are affected by job loss, disability, accident, illness or loss of life
  • Payment is made on your Mastercard account until you return to work, up to $10,000
  • In the event of loss of life, your entire account will be paid off, up to $10,000
  • Premium is 90 cents for every $100 of account balance on each billing date. Taxes may apply in certain provinces

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