(AccuLink®, EXCHANGE®, Interac†, PLUS®*)

Access your accounts through Credit Union affiliated ATM networks (Surcharge-free access to over 2,700 AccuLink® and THE EXCHANGE® ATMs throughout Canada), Interac® and PLUS®* ATM networks (ATMs owned by other financial instutions throughout Canada & Internationally*).

As a Sydney Credit Union member, you have access to:

  • Sydney Credit Union's four ATMs, located at:
    • 2 ATMs located at 95 Townsend Street, Sydney
    • 2 ATMs located at 1280 Kings Road, Sydney River, including a drive thru ATM
  • Credit Union ATMs across Canada, click here for locations Find Credit Union Branch-ATMs


  • EXCHANGE® ATMs across Canada, click here for loactions Find THE EXCHANGE® ATMs

Your key to accessing your account...

Your MemberCard®, along with your Personal Idenitifcation Number (PIN) is your key to a broad range of self-service options, including Credit Union ATMs through AccuLink® and EXCHANGE®, Inter-Credit Union Services, Interac® Direct Payment and affiliated ATM networks including the Interac† and PLUS®* ATM networks.

* Surcharge fees may apply