Direct Payment

Interac† Direct Payment

A trouble-free and economical way to purchase goods and services without the hassle or delay of cheque approvals and without the worry of carrying cash!


  • Convenient, easy and fast
  • Access with MemberCard® and PIN
  • Costs less than writing a cheque
  • NO risk of carrying cash
  • Safe and private with confidential PIN
  • Easy record keeping with monthly e-statement
  • Service fees covered by most YOUR Chequing accounts
  • Click here for fee details.

Travelling to the US just got easier...

Cross border travel is at an all time high. To make travelling in the US more convenient for Canadians, Interac Direct Payment has partnered with the NYCE debit network in the US. This will allow you to use your debit card to make purchases at 1.5 million retail locations across the United States including department and club stores, restaurant outlets and participating gas stations. Just look for retailers displaying the NYCE logo.

Click here for a detailed listing of participating retailers.